Wildlife Centres To Visit Near Bexley

I don't consider myself a lover of nature and all its wild hosts, but like my kids, visiting the zoo always provides some momentary relief from the humdrum of every day life. And as far as Bexley is concerned, there's a decent number of wildlife centres and zoos to quench the thirst of the adventure seeker at heart who would rather experience nature in a contained environment than visit Africa. Visiting the zoo isn't just about confronting one's fears. For the most part, a visit to a zoo is an outright educational field trip for the kids. However, for an outsider, it's not just about bundling the family into the car an hour before closure. There's planning involved, especially for food and Hotels in Bexley.

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What wildlife centres or zoos are near Bexley?

It's easy to consider Bexley a concrete jungle because, save for the hooting cars, street lights and urban architecture, you'll pretty much see animals you'd have to travel halfway across the world just to see.

* Eagle Heights: Over 50 birds of prey, including Eagles.

* Sevenoaks: An expansive game reserve covering over 55 hectares of land and water. Gives one the ultimate adrenaline rush that comes with being in an untamed environment.

* Beaver Water World: For a feel of reptilian life, visit Beaver Water world.

* Horniman Aquarium: Showcases sea life from around the world.

* Paradise Wildlife Park: With Lions, Tigers, Cheetah, this is certainly not for the fainthearted.

How does visiting animals entertain children?

Children these days watch a lot of educational programmes on television. Not only that, in an era of television animation, a lot of children have the wrong ideas about wild animals like lions and Tigers. Rest assured that the kids will love experiencing nature for what it truly is rather than what Disney may make it out to be. So trust me, your child will find seeing a crocodile in real life extremely enchanting or be taken aback by the hair raising roar of a lion.

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